What are the issues?

Wokingham Borough Council has started the process to allocate the next phase of housing to be built up to 2036, and the Green Belt of Ruscombe is amongst sites under consideration for major development of some 3500 new homes. This information was leaked in August 2017 when the “Call for Sites” included this land, despite the clear conclusion by the Green Belt Review (commissioned by WBC in 2016) that there should be no change to Green Belt status in the borough. As residents, we have the opportunity to not only object to this use of precious Green Belt land, but to influence the council to build the right homes in the right places for the benefit of local people, many of whom can no longer afford property prices here.

The Campaign is in two sections as there are related but separate goals. The Green Belt argument is based on the legal guidelines for this land, so we are working with a top legal team to prevent development here. However of course the next questions is: if not on Green Belt, then where? So the second aim of the campaign is to promote a new approach to planning – the Forward Plan for Wokingham – which addresses the housing needs and obligations in a far more resident-focused way, and will also help to preserve the character of the area and tackle many of the issues – including affordability and traffic – associated with the current large greenfield developments which have dominated recent borough planning.

Why is Wokingham’s Green Belt under threat?

Where are they planning to build?

Why are you campaigning to preserve prime agricultural land and green spaces between settlements?

Haven’t we got enough houses in Wokingham?

What is the 5 year land plan and why is it so important to control it?

Why is Wokingham so expensive, and don’t developers have to include affordable housing?

What about the housing crisis? Don’t we need to build more homes?

What would happen locally if the Ruscombe site went ahead?

Won’t more housing bring more trade?

Won’t Crossrail make a difference?

How is all this development going to affect traffic ?

How can we ensure that we can control the land supply and build the right homes in the right places?

What is a genuinely affordable home? And how many should we build?

Where should new homes be built?

What’s different about the Campaign’s objectives for future housing?