Take Action

We can win this campaign, but it will require real commitment to do so. We need all your support! Thank you.

Sign up to our email list

Please add your name to our list, by filling in the form on this page, so that we can communicate with you and you are happy to be communicated with.

Tell friends and neighbours about the campaign

Please ask them to join us and sign up to the email list. You’ll find a “forward to a friend” button on our enewsletters or they can sign up from this website.

Sign our petition

Please sign our petition online, and ask friends and neighbours to sign. It’s absolutely vital that we get 1500+ signatures from people who live, work or study in Wokingham Borough, which will generate a debate in full Council and help to defeat this proposal. There will be paper petitions too – please only sign one or the other!

(We are creating precise, legally valid petitions which we will ask you to sign and share. Please do not act unilaterally – no spurious petitions please. We must undertake this campaign in a considered and professional manner, as it will harm the campaign if we do not.)


Several residents have kindly pledged money and the parish councils have kindly agreed to contribute per household. We need money to pay for campaign materials, the very best legal and planning representation. Please donate and ask your friends and neighbours to do so.

Other assistance

We will need help on many levels, from preparing the Neighbourhood Plan to leaflet dropping. Please contact us by email campaign@cprwok.co.uk if you can help.

We will need to be ready to act quickly as progress develops

When the preferred sites consultation occurs, we need to be able to respond in force and respond in a way which is meaningful in planning terms. By demonstrating strong support, we could encourage more Councillors to join us and maybe help them to achieve similar objectives in their Wards.