The campaign team is working very closely with parish and borough councillors to achieve our shared goal, and we are pleased to be building a united front against these development proposals with whole-hearted support from both our Parish Councils and our Borough Councillors, of all political persuasions.

Top Planning & Legal Expertise

We’ve appointed a top firm of planning consultants Pegasus and instructed Christopher Katkowski QC of Landmark Chambers to advise us and represent us should we go to public enquiry. Chris is consistently recognised in UK legal directories and in Planning magazine’s annual survey of planning lawyers as one of the foremost leaders in planning and environment work in the country. Top legal representation is not a cheap option but we have only one shot at protecting this land and must give it the best possible chance – donations to help with the cost are very much appreciated. We’ll update you with progress as it happens of course.


Our planning consultant has written to WBC to question the basis of their inclusion of Ruscombe in the Master Planning exercise, pointing out that it contradicts their own Green Belt Review published only last year. We have also questioned the fact that the council are only master planning just the three huge potential sites. We await their response with interest.